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Legion offers a variety of softscape services from adding that beautiful Japanese maple to your landscape to laying the zeon zoysia lawn that will be the talk of the neighborhood. When it comes to improving curb appeal installing new sod for your home is one of the best ways to improve your home. Laying new sod can improve the value of your home as much as 5-10%.  Our landscape designers will use softscaping like sod installation and lawn installation to frame your home and compliment the house and hardscape features. Here are some of the reasons to choose Legion Landscaping, LLC for your sod installation needs:

  • We offer many different grass types including various types of zoysia, bermuda, and fescue.
  • We are a highly rated sod supplier and installer in the Cherokee and Cobb County areas.
  • Our sod installation jobs come with a satisfaction guarantee.
  • You’ll trust that the job is done right the first time.

Sod installation is one of the more popular options when it comes to softscaping, and at Legion, we offer this and many other landscape installation services to the community, and we always offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Get a free evaluation today from our landscaping team to see how your yard could benefit from sod installation.

Sod Installation in Acworth