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Sod Installation in Acworth, GA – Providing a Wide Variety of Grass Types

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Sod Installation – Done the Right Way

Softscapes include all the living elements of a landscape. At Legion, our landscape designers will use softscapes such as sod installation to compliment your home and hardscapes. Installing new sod is one of the best ways to add curb appeal and value to your home.

We will complete a site evaluation to determine which variety of sod is best suited for your property. Below you will find a list of some of the things we take into consideration regarding the environment and which variety of sod is most likely to thrive there.

SOD Installation GA - Legion Landscaping

Sod Varieties:

Bermuda – Warm season turf that thrives in full sun that goes dormant during the colder months. There are a few varieties of Bermuda grass that can handle a minimum of 5 hours of sun. Bermuda grass is very drought and disease tolerant. We recommend installing bermuda sod in high traffic full sun areas because it recovers quickly from damage. This is one of the more economical choices when looking at sod installation.

Zoysia – Warm season turf that does well in both full sun and part shade, but goes dormant during the colder months. Zoysia is considered to be an upscale grass. There are many fine and wide blade varieties that offer different pros and cons. If you have the right environment for it, we will always recommend a variety of Zoysia as it will always add the most value to your landscape and is a great turf choice.

Fescue – Fescue is a cold season grass that is prized for staying green year round. Fescue easily grows from seed if planted in the fall and can handle more shade than both bermuda and zoysia. Fescue does not spread and only grows from seed. In Georgia, the hot summers damage fescue which leads to additional maintenance requiring you to aerate and overseed each year. We recommend fescue is areas too shady for bermuda and zoysia.

The Process

The prep work is heavily dependent on factors such as site condition, access, and what type of grass is being taken out compared to what variety of sod is being installed. Obstacles like underground utilities, sprinkler systems, steep hillsides, and fence gates can prevent large equipment from being used for sod installation. The ultimate goal will be to amend the soil and fine grade the yard before the sod is laid. Once the sod is laid it is your job to water, water, and water some more.

Here are just a few of the many reasons to choose Legion Landscaping, LLC for your sod installation needs:

  • A site evaluation from a certified landscape designer with years of experience.
  • We offer many different grass types including various types of zoysia, bermuda, and fescue.
  • We use highly rated sod from our suppliers located in Northwest Georgia.
  • Our sod installation jobs come with a satisfaction guarantee.
  • You’ll trust that the job is done right the first time.

Sod installation is one of the more popular options when it comes to softscaping, and at Legion, we offer this and many other landscape installation services to the community. Get a professional evaluation today from our landscaping team to see how your yard could benefit from sod installation.

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