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Acworth Shrub Installation

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Softscapes entail all plant life associated with the landscape. At Legion, we offer many different softscape services for our customers, and one of the most popular is our shrub and tree installation service. Low maintenance, seasonal interest, and privacy are a few of the important factors we keep in mind while designing your shrub and tree installation.

If you have ever spent a full day trimming shrubs and picking up the clippings you can truly appreciate a low maintenance landscape. Legion’s landscape designers look to incorporate dwarf, slow, or low growing plants to each design. It is of the utmost Importance that we pay close attention to proper spacing to ensure adequate distance from the house and surrounding fixtures. A good guideline to follow is that if the shrubs look filled in when initially planted then they will most likely be overcrowded once they mature.

Shrub installation GA - Legion Landscaping

Our landscape designers will suggest shrubs and trees that offer beautiful colors throughout the seasons. How nice it is to have azaleas blooming in the spring, hydrangeas bursting all summer, camellias popping in the fall, and daphne fragrantly flowering in the winter. We also incorporate different textures into the landscape through exfoliating barks and different leaf varieties.

Shrubs and trees can be used to create privacy screens and borders in the landscape. We find that arborvitae varieties like emerald green or larger ones like thuja green giants work very well for these purposes. We will always steer you away from disease prone trees like Leland cypress and cryptomeria.

We have extensive experience with landscaping shrubs and trees, and we have the knowledge to select the best plants for your specific situation. We pride ourselves on hand selecting each individual plant from a premier nursery in Georgia. If you are interested in our shrub or tree installation services in Acworth, give us a call today to schedule your consultation.

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