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In most cases, a retaining wall is the first step to many landscape projects. With a number of functions, retaining walls can be used to hold in slopes, create usable space, and help with soil run off and erosion. On top of function, they can add curb appeal and dimension to the landscape. There are a wide range of materials that retaining walls can be built out of including engineered block, stacked/decorative stone, boulders, and timbers. During our site evaluation, our designers will be able to make suggestions on which material may be best in your situation.

Building retaining walls is no easy task. It is unfortunate that we see many contractors in our industry taking the easy way out while building their walls. Poor planning, inadequate drainage, lack of geo-grid, and poor compaction behind the wall are all common mistakes that will surely make a retaining wall fail. Our 20 year guarantee will give you peace of mind that your retaining walls is being built to the highest industry standards.

Here are some of the main reasons to contact Legion Landscaping for your retaining wall job:


  • Licensed and Insured so you don’t have to worry
  • All retaining walls will be built to meet building codes
  • Permits will be pulled when required
  • Professional review by an engineer when necessary
  • High quality drainage so your wall will be protected
  • 20 year workmanship warranty on all retaining walls 

In most cities and counties, permits for walls larger than 3 ft tall will be needed. In addition, some walls will need the approval and oversite of an engineer. The process is normally easier than it sounds and can be done by Legion Landscaping with little headache to the homeowner. Once the permits and engineering is in place we can begin the installation process. We will go over some of the key retaining wall installation procedures below.

When installation work of your wall begins, digging out the base will be the first step. With various wall heights and soil types your base may need to be 6”-12”+ deep of clean 57 stone roughly 2 feet wide. Next, the base row will be leveled as close to perfect as possible to ensure the wall is level and sturdy throughout. This will be one of the more time consuming task when building your wall.

As the wall goes up every other row will need to have geo-grid installed. It should be noted that not all grid is the same and we will always install the highest quality geo-grid on the market. If you are receiving bids for a wall and they have not included geo-grid, we cannot stress enough to not use them. In addition to grid, a clean stone backfill of at least one foot, and wider with larger walls, must be installed for adequate drainage behind each wall. Inadequate stone behind a retaining wall can cause major water pressure build up resulting in retaining wall blowouts. The geo grid along with stone backfill can prevent this.

Another key installation procedure is to make sure the soil backfill behind the wall is being compacted properly. When soil is backfilled behind a retaining wall it can be very loose and “fluffy.” This soil must be compacted or settling may occur later. Uncompacted soil can allow large amounts of water to pool behind the wall. We can ensure than each layer of our retaining wall will be compacted and tested.

These installation procedures can be expected on each retaining wall completed by Legion Landscaping. These procedures allow us to guarantee your retaining wall for 20 years.

As stated above, your retaining wall is the first step to many landscape projects. Once the land is useable the possibilities are endless. Legion can install sod, patios, firepits, water features, shrubs, trees, and a variety of other installations to achieve your properties full landscape potential.

Give us a call today for a free consultation, and find out if a retaining wall would be a good addition to your landscape.