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NCG Cinema Acworth

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Acworth is home to many enjoyable activities, indoor and outdoor. From parks and recreation to golf to restaurants to jolting haunted houses, there really is something for everybody! Be sure to visit the concession stand and get your popcorn before the movie!

When it’s time to go to the movies, there’s only one question you’ve got to ask yourself? Do I get my popcorn with butter or without? Just kidding. Of course you’re having butter. Going to the movies is a great way to spend some time relaxing, going on a date, or taking your kids to find out what Buzz Lightyear has been up to.

What is the Acworth NCG Cinema Acworth?

Located at 4421 Cinema Dr NW, Acworth, GA 30101-5771, NCG Cinema Acworth is the best place in the area to catch a flick. Whether your favorites are romantic comedies, action movies or classic thrillers, there’s something for everyone at NCG Cinema.

NCG Cinema Acworth history

NCG Cinema boasts nearly 20 screens and offers an array of titles every month to Acworth audiences. To learn what shows are available at what times, call their showtimes line at (678) 384-5717.

What there is to do at Acworth NCG Cinema Acworth?

There is something special about getting out of the house and going to the movies — it’s different than staying in and watching Netflix. It’s an experience you’d be hard-pressed to replicate by staying home and making microwave popcorn.

NCG Cinema is the antidote for boring TV. Get out and play in Acworth and take someone special to see a movie tonight.

You can buy tickets at the box office, on their website and at Fandango. The cinema is highly rated on Yelp, Google and other customer review platforms — with friendly staff, comfortable seating and a great sound system, you can’t really go wrong with NCG Cinema!

More to Explore in Acworth

There are plenty of ways to treat yourself in Acworth — from movies to parks to sweet treats. As a matter of fact, treat yourself to something delicious — visit our next Acworth hot spot, Revielle Cafe.

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