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Lemon House

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Acworth and Cobb County broadly share a rich history dating back to the Antebellum period. During Sherman’s march to the sea, he destroyed much of the architecture that gave Georgia its prewar charm. Luckily, residents of Acworth can still enjoy a slice of history that didn’t fall prey to Sherman’s heavy hand.

The Lemon House is a charming antebellum home hidden in historic Acworth, GA. Visit for a bird’s eye view inside Acworth’s rich Civil War history.

What is Lemon House’s Significance for Acworth?

Built by James and Mary Davenport Lemon in 1856, Lemon House survived the burning of Acworth during the Civil War due to its history. Major General William T. Sherman stayed there during The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain in June of 1864, and according to many sources, it was used as a hospital following his departure. Though Sherman originally ordered the house be burned, it was spared by Union Major James Connelly, who ordered other fires be stopped as well.

What You’ll Find at Lemon House

As you pull up to Lemon House at 4375 Willis St. in Acworth, you’ll see a sign out front that reads “James Lemon Antebellum Home ca. 1856.” The charming yellow house is framed by white Doric columns, which were replaced just after the Civil War. While the house is not currently open to tours, there are a few things to notice outside for lovers of Civil War-era history including a small gravesite with Confederate States of America markers. The home is still in the possession of descendants of the original owners.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a history buff or if you’re just looking to work on your golf swing. There’s something for everyone in Acworth. While the Lemon House maintains its yellow demeanor befitting of a lemon, there’s nothing sour about Acworth.
Acworth has plenty to offer its residents in terms of food, culture and recreation.
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