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Kennesaw Hardscape Design and Installation

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At Legion Landscaping, we provide hardscaping services in Kennesaw. A hardscape is a part of a landscape that has non-living elements like a stone wall, a wood arbor, or a brick patio. Hardscaping can help to define your landscape and make it stand out, transforming your outdoor living spaces into spaces that can meet the needs of any purpose while looking beautiful and unique. Common example of materials used in hardscape designs are brick, wood, stone, metal, and concrete.

A hardscape installation can help to make any landscape or outdoor living space stand out. You can transform your back yard into a place where you can entertain guests or just sit back and relax with a cup of tea. Many hardscape designs also include water features like fountains or ponds, which can help to create a more relaxing atmosphere.

Kennesaw Hardscape

Kennesaw Hardscape Designs

Any practical or decorative structure that is in a landscape can be considered a hardscape design. Some of the most popular types of hardscaping structures are:

  • Patios and decks – Patios and decks can be constructed from many different materials including concrete, brick, flagstone, wood, and tile. All of these materials will have benefits and drawbacks, and they will provide different looks. They will also offer different cost options.
  • Walkways and paths – These may be made of stone, wood, brick, or concrete. There are many different options when it comes to walkways and paths in your outdoor living spaces.
  • Fences – The most popular materials for fences are wood and metal. Fences can be used for a variety of reasons, whether decorative or practical. Some fences are needed for privacy reasons or to separate your yard from the neighbor’s yard.
  • Water structures – Water is often incorporated into a hardscape design in the form of a fountain or a pond. This can transform your normal backyard into a tranquil and relaxing outdoor living space.
  • Gathering spaces – Many of the hardscaping designs center around gathering spaces. These could be interesting patios or decks or even something more unique like a fire pit.
  • Pergolas – A pergola is typically a wooden structure that provides shade for a walkway or a passageway. These are often confused with arbors. Although the two terms are used interchangeably, an arbor is more of a wooden bench seat with a roof.
  • Pool overlays and designs – This may be a design that goes around or over a swimming pool, and it may be practical, decorative, or both.
  • Benches – Benches are often used in garden areas, and they can often be constructed as part of a hardscaping design.
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Legion Landscaping Hardscaping Designs

Legion Landscaping provides a superior level of excellence in all hardscaping services in Kennesaw. Whether you’re in need of a patio, a fence, or a new walkway, you can rely on Legion Landscaping to offer you the hardscaping design you need for your property. Call us today, and allow us to discuss the various options for your property.

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